EPC 2020 Virtual meeting Terms of Use

Thank you for deciding to join us for the EPC 2020 Virtual meeting!  On this page you will find information pertaining to certain important points regarding your usage of the platform, including rules of engagement, your personally identifiable information and content copyright.

This Virtual Event platform aims to provide a professional space to contribute to the education of healthcare professionals working in the field of pancreatic medicine. It is exclusively reserved for healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, technicians and allied professionals, industry representatives, media professionals working in healthcare.

To ensure an optimal experience for yourself and others:

  • An account including personally identifiable information is required to access this platform
  • This platform features a chat/commenting system where users can exchange information
  • Participants are not allowed to use the chat/commenting system to advertise products and /or services
  • Spam is not tolerated
  • Courtesy and respect are de rigueur (abusive and inappropriate language are subject to exclusion)
  • Should you exchange case information, please ensure that all cases are anonymous, and that no identifiable patient information is ever mentioned

The EPC 2020 Virtual meeting platform is administered by a team of EPC 2020 staff members. Community administrators reserve the right to exclude members in case of non-compliance or inappropriate behaviour.

Personally Identifiable Information and sharing of data with third parties

Please note that your Personally Identifiable Information (first name, last name, profession, place of work) is by design open to others using the platform to ensure an optimal networking experience. Should you wish not to engage in any networking or chatting, please set your profile to “Do not disturb”.

Please note that in certain very limited cases, third parties will be able to access specific data about your use of the platform based on an authorisation policy. This applies exclusively to industry partners participating in the EPC 2020 Virtual meeting, where for example, you view an industry sponsored session.

Intent and purpose of content on this platform

The content of the EPC 2020 Virtual meeting and all of its component elements, including text, graphics, images, hyperlinks and other materials supplied by EPC/ Europa Group and/or contributors and/or third parties, are for general educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice.

EPC/ Europa Group cannot endorse all statements or opinions made on this platform. The content broadcast via this platform reflects the view of the authors/speakers at a given point in time and does not necessarily represent the view of EPC/ Europa Group.

Copyright - Intellectual Property

Use of EPC 2020 Virtual meeting content and any content which is licensed or signed over to EPC/ Europa Group for use on this platform by third parties, is limited to personal use and for non-commercial purposes only.